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We live in a manufactured world. To improve the state of our world, we need to empower people and transform manufacturing. 

What Augmented Industries exists to do is to help manufacturers go through their industrial transition, unlocking value by becoming people-centric technology organisations.

We go out into the world, listen to people and get a better understanding of their experiences in manufacturing, as well as the problems that accrue in production systems. Then, we co-create solutions that empower people to manufacture a better world.

We live in a manufactured world. To improve our world, we need to empower the people on the shop floor.

Dr. Elisa Roth,
Co-Founder & CEO
at the World Economic Forum, 2023 (learn more)

People-centric Production

We envision, co-design, and deliver consulting and implementation services for technology-mediated workforce empowerment, shaping a people-centric digital transformation of manufacturing.

We help manufacturing enterprises to: (1) unlock value by integrating technology and new way of working into people-centric production systems; (2) build, run and manage their organisations in a way that allows them to adapt to the accelerating pace of change and to ensure sustainable employability of their workforce; and (3) empower their customers and partners to do just the same: accelerating their digital transformation.

To us, the journey towards more connected, resilient, sustainable and digital manufacturing involves both technology and people at the same time.

Industrial Micro-learning

Impelled by critical skill shortages happening across Europe’s manufacturing industry, Augmented Industries was launched by two Cambridge PhDs to make lifelong learning accessible to factory floor workers.

We develop enterprise-grade microlearning SaaS solutions that are works council and GDPR compliant and fix the key issue of corporate learning: scalable, on-the-job, peer-to-peer upskilling in the flow of work.

Augmented Industries combines state-of-the-art learning theory, a customised spaced repetition algorithm, and latest insights in instructional design with a generative A.I. co-pilot. Thereby, we unlock bite-sized learning journeys that are seamlessly integrated into the flow of operators’ work: decreasing manufacturers’ training costs by up to 84%, whilst increasing learning effectiveness by up to 26%, and fostering employee engagement with an NPS of 85.7 (see study results).


Lifted off 8+ years of industrial research at University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing, Augmented Industries' solutions and services are grounded in rigorous, evidence-driven case studies in collaboration with 50+ industrial partners.

Explore our white paper on augmentation – which presents the findings of 35 high-impact use cases and interviews with more than 100 senior executives – illuminating the opportunities for value-driven application of this technology in manufacturing and the benefits that accrue.

Experience how we pioneered micro-learning with Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing conglomerate (click here), presented at Hannover Messe 2023 (click here). Learn about the concepts of technology-mediated learning (click here); or tune into our podcast series on augmentation (click here).

Interested in co-designing and unlocking the value of people-centric production on your shop floor? See how the Augmented Workforce Canvas – our proprietary workshop tool – supports organisations along the way.

We build enterprise-grade microlearning software for and with the people who get up and manufacture a better world.

Dr. Mirco Möncks, 
Co-Founder & CEO
at Hannover Messe, 2023


We are excited about creating solutions that empower thousands of operators, impact millions of dollars, and manufacture a better world. If you feel the same, feel free to reach out:

Current team members combine their knowledge from industrial engineering, computer science, and professional education. Our paths led us into the automotive and semi-conductor industry, top-tier consultancies, and NGOs. We are: proud Foundation of Germany Business (sdw) alumni; former World Economic Forum fellows; McKinsey Next Generation Women Leadership Award holders; The Manufacturer Top 100 list-makers; enthusiastic sailors; and PowerPoint sorcerers.
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Data protection
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